Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Knitting Abbreviations

Hi folks and welcome to the new page of my blog.  I'm going to start off with knitting abbreviations for now and then hopefully add photos and videos in the upcoming posts on How To Knit. Ranging and starting out with  beginner, intermediate and finally through to advanced.  I will also add techniques and tips of the trade I have picked up along the way. =D
Enjoy Shirley xx

Glossary of Knitting Abbreviations  


alt               alternate
approx        approximately
beg             begin (beginning)
bet              between
BO              bind off     *
CA              colour A
CB              colour B
CC              contrast colour
cm              centimeters
cn               cable needle
CO             cast on *      
cont           continue
dec             decrease(ing)   *
DK             double knitting   This is the weight of yarn
DPN           double pointed needle  Short needles with points at both ends. Usually come in sets of 4 or 5 and are used for knitting socks or mittens (gloves) in the round
EON          end of needle
EOR          end of row
foll            follow (s) (ing)
gr               gram
gst             garter stitch   all knit stitches   *
in(s)          inch (es)
inc             increase  *
incl            include (ing)
                knit          *  
kthbl          knit stitch through back loop  *
K1 tbl       knit 1stitch through back loop  *
k-b            knit stitch in row below           *
kfb            knit into front and back of stitch *
k2tog        knit two stitches together *
k2togtbl    knit two stitches together through back loop *
kll              knit left loop (increase) *
krl              knit right loop (increase) *
KTS           knit the steek stitch 
k-wise       knit wise. Insert right needle into stitch as if to knit
LH             left hand
m1             make one, increase a stitch *
m1l           make one left (increase)   *
m1r           make one right (increase) *
m1p          make one purl  (increase) *
MB           make bobble                     * 
MC           main colour
mm           millimeters
N1/N2      needle one/needle two
no             number
oz             ounce(s )
p               purl          *
patt          pattern 
p-b           purl stitch in the row below   *
pfb           purl stitch front and back (increase)  *
pm           place marker  
prev         previous
pnso        pass next stitch over
psso         pass slipped stitch over (decrease)  *
p2tog       purl two stitches together * 

ptbl          purl stitch through back loop *
p2tog tbl  purl two stitches together through backloop  *
pu             pick up stitches *
p-wise     purl wise: Insert right needle down into the front loop*
rem          remain(ing)
rep           repeat
RH          right hand
rib           ribbed pattern- vertical columns of knit and purl stitches
rnd          round in circular knitting a row is called a round
RS          right side 
sl            slip a stitch
sl1          slip one stitch 
sl1k        slip a stitch knitwise *
sl1p        slip a stitch purlwise  *
slipknot adjustable loop, used to begin some/most cast on methods*
ssk          slip,slip, knit slipped stitches together(decrease) *  
sk           skip
skpo*      slip 1, knit 1, pass slip stitch over *
SKP        slip, knit pass *same as skpo
st(s)        stitch(es)
St st         stockinette/stocking stitch (1 row knit, 1 row purl)
tbl            through back of loop(s)
tog           together
won          wool over needle 
wrn           wool round needle
WS           wrong side
w&t          wrap and turn
wyif         with yarn in front 
wyib        with yarn in back
yb             yarn to the back
yf             yarn forward to the front
yo            yarn over: wrap the yarn around right needle *
yon          yarn over needle, same as yo
yrn           yarn round needle, same as yo

"               inch(es)
( )             work instructions between parentheses, in the place directed 
[ ]             work instructions between brackets, as many times as directed   
             repeat instructions following the single asterisk as directed

**           repeat instructions following the single asterisk as directed